Supplies FAQ’s

1. What type of guarantee does your company offer?

Triumph guarantees all of our cartridges 100%. If you try our products and for any reason feel dissatisfied, we will promptly replace the cartridge or refund your money. 

2.  What is a remanufactured/compatible cartridge? 

A remanufactured cartridge is a cartridge that has been manufactured from new and recycled components. It has been rebuilt to match the exact specifications of the original (OEM) cartridge or better. In many cases, OEM cartridges actually contain recycled or recovered materials, and there is a growing number of OEM companies that are selling their own brand of remanufactured cartridges.

3.  What does OEM stand for?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. A company that manufactures a product and sells it under its own brand name is an OEM. For an example, HP or Lexmark will manufacture the product and assign a unique part number to that product; they would be the OEM of that product. Triumph provides an aftermarket compatible alternative that is 100% guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM performance.  

4. How do Triumph’s cartridges compare to OEM cartridges?

There is no noticeable difference in cartridge print quality or page yield. Each remanufactured cartridge goes through a comprehensive process including disassembly, cleaning, filling, component replacement and quality testing. Our cartridges are 100% post-tested to ensure that you receive the highest-quality cartridge. 

5. Will using a remanufactured toner or inkjet cartridge void my printer's warranty?

No, Federal law prohibits any company or person from requiring you to purchase their Original Equipment Manufacturer product. The Federal Trade Commission protects your rights as a consumer to purchase the product or service of your choice. The Magnusson-Moss Warranty Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act, Subparagraph C, Section 101, states this consumer protection law. 

6. Can a remanufactured cartridge damage my printer? 

A toner cartridge that has been properly remanufactured should not cause damage of any kind to your printer.  It is important to find a trusted supplier who distributes high quality remanufactured products that are under warranty.  

7. How much money will I save by purchasing a Triumph remanufactured cartridge instead of an OEM cartridge? 

You will typically save on average 30% of the price of an OEM cartridge. Depending on the quantities and cartridge types you use this could save your company a significant amount of money on an annual basis.

8. How do I know that the cartridge will work properly once it has been remanufactured?

Each and every cartridge we sell is 100% quality tested to ensure its operational status. 

9. How do I know if my laser printer uses a cartridge that can be remanufactured? 

Chances are that it can be.  Approximately 80% of the cartridges sold are able to be remanufactured.  We remanufacture cartridges for almost all printers.  Check our price list for your printer or call us to ask. 

10. How long will it take me to get my cartridges once I place an order with you?

Within California, Triumph offers 1-2 business day delivery on all in-stock items.  Orange County Customers may pick up “will call” orders at our office on the same day on in-stock items, and same day delivery is available for an additional fee.  Special items not in stock require an additional 2-5 business days.  For shipping to addresses outside of Orange County items are shipped using UPS, FedEx, or Airborne which offer standard and expedited service. For more detailed pricing, contact customerservice@triumphoffice.com

11. How much will shipping cost?

We offer FREE local delivery within Orange County on all orders over $100.00.  Some restrictions apply, and Xerox brand products are excluded. Orders outside of Orange County and/or under $100 will be billed at UPS/FedEx/Airborne rates.  Call 714-544-2679 or 800-294-2679 for details.  

12. What should I do with my empty cartridge?

Triumph maintains quality products and excellent prices because of our core exchange program.  We ask that you keep your empty cartridges and we will either pick them up when delivering your next order, or we will supply you with a delivery return label.  

13. If I have “extra empty cartridges, can I sell them to you and receive a discount or cash back?

If an empty cartridge is currently in demand, we may be able to give you a credit on your account or cash back. Please call our office with an inventory of any additional cartridges you may have.

14. What is the shelf life of your cartridges?

Our cartridge's shelf life is the same as the Original Equipment Manufacturer, 12 months from the time you purchase them. Properly stored (kept in original packaging in a cool and dry location), cartridges may last significantly longer.

15. What should I do if I have a defective cartridge that I need to return?

Call us at 714-544-2679 Monday-Friday 8:00a-5:00pm (PST)and one of our Customer Service Representatives will help troubleshoot your problem to verify the defective cartridge status and issue a return tag for sending the defective cartridge back to Triumph. Once received and evaluated, we will replace the cartridge, repair it or refund your money.

Service FAQ’s

16. Is your company authorized to provide service work on my laser printer/copier or fax?

Yes, Triumph is an authorized Xerox, Samsung, and Sharp Service Center and we can work on most major brands including Canon, Brother, Toshiba, just to name a few. We have a Service Department that provides on-site and off-site repair work within Orange County. We offer service contracts too! For information, contact us at service@triumphoffice.com  

17. Are Triumph’s service technicians certified?

Yes. Triumph’s staff consists of a team of certified and experienced technicians who are regularly available for dispatch to your office or home.  Triumph is committed to receive new product certifications promptly as we are a “one stop shop” for all your printing needs. 

18. What is your response time? How quickly can your company diagnose my printer?

Our goal is to provide our customers with same-day or next-day service for on-site repair. In-shop depot repair customers receive a diagnosis within 2 business days. Rush service is available for an additional charge. Please note that service contract customers receive priority service on all service requests. For a service rate quote for your equipment, contact us at 714-544-2679 or service@triumphoffice.com

19.  Can your company do factory or warranty work? 

Yes, Triumph can honor most HP and Xerox warranty work, as well as some other manufacturer models.  Call us at 714-544-2679 with your printer make/model number, serial number, proof and date of purchase and we’ll help you with the details. 

20. How experienced is your company with color equipment? 

Color is one of our specialties. Triumph is proud of our expertise with HP and Xerox color equipment. Many companies do offer color service, but Triumph has invested considerable amount of resources to achieving factory service authorizations to properly repair your equipment.  We have been servicing color laser printers for approximately ten years.  

21. Do you offer service contracts?

Yes, we offer customers a wide range of customized service contracts that can include toner and preventative maintenance as well as discounts on parts and repair for most laser printers.  Customers that proactively maintain their printers can more than double the lifespan of their printer, and service contract customers always get priority service. 

Equipment FAQ’s

22. What type of equipment do you sell?

Triumph sells new and refurbished laser printers, copiers, fax machines and scanners. Our goal is to provide you with the best overall value in choosing your office equipment solutions.

23. Do you rent equipment?

Yes we do. We rent laser printers, copiers and fax equipment in the local Orange County area. Please contact our office for details regarding pricing and programs available.

24. Do you accept trade in equipment?

Yes, in many cases we can accept your used equipment to apply towards the purchase of new equipment.  Please contact our office for details.

25.  Should I buy a color laser printer or a color inkjet printer? 

That depends on the quantity and quality of the printouts. If the printouts need to be extremely high quality, and you have a high volume of color printing, then a color laser printer may be a good investment. Most inkjet printers are not designed to handle large volumes of printing.